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Chain Types
We Supply:

ANSI Standard Roller Chain. Single strand, double strand and triple strand series. We have a wide range of applications and you can take advantage of our technique and experience. We aim at providing you with high-quality product optional to your special requirement.

Agparts standard roller chains comform to all the requirement of the ANSI and JIS.
Starting with single strand,multiple strand (double and triple strand) and so on, are always kept in stock and have a wide range of applications.

Attachment are links which have one or more link plate or the pin modified to perform a special function in conveying, timing etc.
There are six standard (A-1,K-1,SA-1,SK-1,D-1,D-3) and special made-to-order attachement available with Agparts roller chains

Heavy series roller chains are provided with greater shock, wear resistance and high breaking strength for general purpose applications. The chains are available as single or multiple strad. Single strand chains of Heavy series run on strandard single sprockets.

Manufactured to the same standards as ANSI. Pitch is twice chain and the construction are the same as standard roller chains.
There are drive series and conveyor seiries with straight edge side plate. Conveyor series is available with carrier(large) rollers. A-1,A-2,K-1,K-2,SA-1,SA-2,K-1,K-2,D-1,D-3 wide range attachments are available.

Conforming to ISO standard (R606). Also in
accordance with BS 228-1970 (standard of the United Kingdom), the main European industrial standard, and DIN(standard of Germany) and therefore are available.

Made of authentic stainless JIS SUS304. Can be
used in corrosive conditions such as acids or alkalis, wet conditions such as underwater or heated vapor as well as high thermal resistance required conditions.

Especially suitable for corrosive conditions such as water, mild acids, mild alkalis and seawater. Splendid chain with plated surface. Greater breakage strength than stainless steel chain. Process possible on all roller chains, chains and with attachment.

Extra clearance chain with ability to flex and twist.
Ideal for use on curved conveyors or to transmit power under misaligned sprocket conditions.

Use oil-impregnated alloy metal bushes. Long time oil-free operation possible.
Ideal in locations where lubrication is difficult. Can be used as replacement for standard roller chains.

Constructed with special pin links which have hollow pins assembled in the pin plate. This unique design allows easy insertion of cross rod or attachments to preassembled chain at desired spacing.

Interfaced plates held together by riveted pins. Use in applications requireing flexible linkage for
reciprocating motion or lift. Well suited for lift truck and counter weights.

Delrin(Poly acetal resin) side carrier roller perform conveying and accumulating products as free flow conveyor system.

Delrin(Poly acetal resin) top carrier roller perform
conveying and accumulating products as free flow conveyor system.

The chain speed is about 1/2.6 of the pallet carrying speed owing to special mechanism of the chain roller. Therefore, silent and smooth transportation is ensured. Accumulation of carrying materials can be performed smoothly since the main roller is set to free flow state. As the mechanism of the roller link constructs a basic bush press-in structure,the chain
elongate-less and high-speed running can be performed.

These economical agricultural chains are used
extensively for all light conveying and allocating duties in farming implements.A wide range of attachments are available to suit conveyor and agricultural applications.The type and spacing of attachment required should be stated on order.
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