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Compact BASIC

Basic is a small and handy cold water cleaner weighing only 10.5 kg. It takes up very little space and is ideal for minor cleaning tasks.

• 6 metre hose
• 10 amp plug

• 1450 psi
• 6.7lt/minute
• 1.02kw Cleaning Power
• 10.5kg

• 187 x 352 x 312mm

Compact CROWN

Crown with auto start/stop has many features, making it the ideal choice for smaller cleaning tasks around house and garden. High quality equipment includes lance with adjustable nozzle, detergent bottle with foam sprayer and a Roto-Power nozzle as standard.

• 7 metre hose
• 10 amp plug

• 1886 psi
• 6lt/minute
• Auto Stop/Start
• Roto Jet Lance
• Detergent/Foam Bottle
• 1.18kw Cleaning Power
• 12kg

• 320 x 340 x 470mm

Compact D'LUX

D’lux as you would expect is the top of the domestic range. It is extremely robust, with a high performance pump and comes complete with auto start/stop function. Standard equipment includes the Roto-Power lance for faster and efficient cleaning

• 7 metre hose
• 10 amp plug

• 1740 psi Pump Pressure
• 2030 psi Max Operating Pressure
• 2640 psi Turbo Pressure
• 7lt/minute
• Auto Stop/Start
• Rotary (Turbo) nozzle
• Built in Detergent Tank
• 2.1kw Motor
• 18kg

• Stainless Steel Pistons

200 Port

200 Port is an extremely durable machine that is ideal for both small and medium tasks. This highly professional equipment is very user friendly and extremely economical.

• 10 metre Rubber high pressure hose
• 10 amp plug

• 1380 psi
• Brass Pump
• 10lt/minute
• 1.45kw Cleaning Power
• 24kg
• 500 x 258 x 354mm
• Detergent Injector
• 200 Series Pump and Motor

PETROL - 118 P

118 P is an extremely durable machine that is ideal for both small and medium tasks. This highly professional equipment is very user friendly and extremely economical.

• 10 metre rubber hose
• EGT pistol

• 1880 psi
• 2540 psi Turbo Pressure

• 13lt/minute
• 2.6kw Cleaning Power

• 48kg
• 480 x 950 x 680mm
• Twin Turbo Lance


600 PX is a strong machine with a 13 hp Honda engine. It has a robust steel frame and 4 pneumatic tyres.

•Honda 13hp Petrol Motor 2:1 Reduction
• Low RPM Pump
• 2900 PSI
• 3480 PSI Turbo Pressure
• 5.9kw Cleaning Power
• 19.5lt/minute
• Adjustable Detergent Injector
• Inline cartridge filter for inlet water
• 96kg
• 630 x 750 x 700mm
• Twin Turbo Lance

Add to your Gerni's work power with the right accessorie

Grit Blaster SB50

An ideal accessory for the famous Gerni Jet, quickly removes rust, scale, paint and varnish from most surfaces. Simple and effective for inexperienced operators.

Grit Blaster SB80

Can be used on any of Gerni Pro-line range, ideal for small jobs of rust removal, surface treatment prior to printing, removal of paint from concrete or asphalt.

Grit consumption min/max: 150/300 kg/hour.

Grit Blaster G.S.B.

For heavy duty professional use Gerni-line units with capacity in excess of 13 1/min.

Will quickly remove rust, scale, and a wide variety of coatings from most hard surfaces.

Can be fitted with either the 1000 hour life boro carbide or 20 hour hardened steel replaceable nozzles.

Grit consumption 250-350 kg/hour.

Recommended grain size of all Gerni Grit Blasters

Up to 0.3mm for stainless steel and wood

0.3 - 0.6mm for light surface treatment

0.4 - 0.8mm for scale

0.8 - 1.4mm for rust, paint, concrete etc.

Jets & Nozzles

A.Pipe Cleaner Pro: Effective removal of sludge deposits from pipes.
B.Pencil Nozzle Deluxe for Jet: Short Connector with 0° nozzle.
C.Pencil Nozzle-Pro: 0° nozzle for Pro-lines units.

Turbo Nozzle

The Gerni Turbo Laser creates a hard-hitting, fan- shaped cleaning pattern. The result is that at a distance of 20 centimetres, the Turbo Laser nozzle retains 90% of its power while a traditional spray nozzle retains only 15%.


Ideal for the cleaning of areas where back splash and over-spray should be avoided.

Moreover, the design of the machine allows the user to safely operate in confined areas and with precision cleaning.

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