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Keep the profiles overlapped as much as possible during turns, operation, and transport. Telescoping tubes must overlap by at least 1/3 of their length during operation. For splined shaft drivelines ( 400 ) series. Always hitch the tractor to STATIONARY MACHINERY ( pumps, elevators, generators, driers, etc. ), so that the telescoping tubes overlap by at least 1/3 of their length. If greater telescoping capability is required, contact Bondioli & Pavesi engineering.
When operating , ensure that joint angles are equal. Disengage the PTO when the angle of joints exceeds 35.
CONSTANT VELOCITY JOINTS may operate at angles up to 70 - 80 depending upon type, but only for brief periods ( for example during turns ) and should never be operated continuously at high angles.
Attach the safety chains, allowing sufficient slack for the driveline during turns, operation, and transport.
Never use the safety chains to support the driveline for storage. Always use the support on the implement.
Do not stand on the driveline. Do not step over, or go under the driveline. Contact with a rotating driveline could cause serious injury or death.
INSTALLING THE DRIVELINE. Clean and grease the tractor PTO and implement shaft before installing the driveline.
The tractor printed on the shield indicates the tractor end of the driveline.Any torque limiter or overrunning clutch must be installed on the implement end.
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